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There Sicily boasts a grandiose tradition ofhigh pastry, made of delicious and traditional flavors that come to life thanks to the goodness of the raw materials of these wonderful land.

For several years, moreover, it has grown more and more inSicily the desire topanettone, as long as it is artisanal.

During the days of celebration, in the stolen tables The sweet symbol of theChristmas.

The mastery and creativity of pastry chefs and Sicilian chefs have given birth to strongly identity panettone, made mainly using raw materials of the island such as almonds, pistachios, Modica chocolate, figs and citrus fruits.

To recognize a good panettone, the advice is to carefully read the ingredients shown on the label and check the expiry date.

Below are the companies on our shop:


The first company was born a Castelbuono, in the province of Palermo. In the historic center of this graceful village stands theFiasconaro pastry shop directed by the children of the founder Mario. Here really unique sweets and leaveneds are produced in the world, so much so that today the company is a consolidated reality that also exports outside Italy.

THEFiasconaro panettoneThey are the result of an artisanal processing with raw materials of great value without giving up a touch of innovation.

We present this company green gold But we invite you to discover all the other fiasconaro panettone present in the section.

Green gold is one of the Great classics of Fiasconaro And it is a leavening of Sicilian pistachio made with natural mother yeast, honey, fresh eggs and Bourbon vanilla. Green gold is a soft and swollen glazed panettone with white chocolate on which large are set whole pistachios.

All the line of Fasconaro panettone is available in this section.

Dolce & Gabbana in partnership with Fiasconaro

Probily not everyone is aware of the fact that the Calebre House of Alta Moda Dolce & Gabbana also has its own line of craft palettoni made in Sicily.

A few years ago an important partnership was signed between the famous Sicilian pastry shop Fiasconaro and the luxury brand D & g Following which an entire line ofDolce & Gabbana panettone Made with ad hoc tastes and combinations by Fiasconaro.

The panettone are obviously made with natural mother yeast and range from more classic flavors such as the two chocolates, the citrus fruits of Sicily and ginger, hazelnuts, Sicilian almonds, Sicilian pistachio up to the panettone with perpetual wine old Samperi.

To complete the bakery line there are the exclusuvice packs of metal with a design signed Dolce & Gabbana, which resume typically Sicilian symbols and characters.

All the Fiasconaro panettone line in partnership with Dolce & Gabbana is available in this section.



Bacchus was born in 2006 aBronte And of this company we highlight The panbacco, A panettone stuffed with 200 gr of pistachio cream (30%) which gives it that insurmountable pistachio taste already from the first bite. The icing is composed of white chocolate from Colombia, "up to the aroma" flavored with pistachio and dominated by a pistachio grain decoration.

All the Bacco panettone line is available in this section.



The workshop was born in Canicattì in the province of Agrigento from an idea ofPasticceri brothers Giulio and Vincenzo Bonfissuto who have always selected the best raw materials in the area with a continuous search for traditions, theModica IGP chocolate, theAlmond d'Avola, The Bronte pistachio.

We present theSalvator Dalí: a caramel handcrafted panettone with Mozia rooms but we invite you To discover also all the other bonfissuto panettone present in the section.

All the bonfissuto panettone line is available in this section.


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