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Panettone Fiasconaro Pandorate without raisins and candles covered with frosting and sugar to veil, various grammes

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Food in Sicily presents the pando -craft palettone made by the renowned Fiasconaro pastry shop, a real Sicilian specialty.

The pandorato Fiasconaro is without raisins and candied fruit covered with icing and icing sugar, to celebrate with your loved ones the Christmas holidays with an artisan pando -pandato panettone of absolute excellence!

Ingredients chosen and selected exclusively by island production such as sugar, vanilla, citrus honey, they stimulate the palate with unexpected combinations of flavors and perfumes.

A slow and gradual leavening, which naturally fulfills over 36 hours, guarantees quality and fragrance to this baked product, in full compliance with Sicilian confectionery traditions.

The Fiasconaro panettone has already conquered the most demanding palates .. what do you expect to be the next?

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