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White chocolate tablet and pistachio Ciokkobacco

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Refined processing of white chocolate, thought for the lovers of its delicate taste. The scent and intensity of the pistachio flavor make such a product truly a unicuum.

Available in bar from 100 and 400 gr.

Bacco is an artisanal company of production and transformation of the Pistachio
The production model is based on the control of the whole of the chain, from harvesting to storage to the processing and finished product, and on the extraordinary quality of the raw material combined with machining techniques which, while remaining handcrafted, combine the wisdom of manual work to the use of better-perfected machinery.
Respect for tradition and technological development are an unavoidable binomy of business logic.
Bacco productions originate from a careful study of compatibility between the characteristics of pistachio and the eating habits of consumers, increasingly attentive not only to how good there is in the products, taste and flavour (the products based on
pistachio, in fact, are rich in vitamins, mineral salts, fibres and essential fatty acids) but also to the practices of healthy eating.