Antica Dolceria Bonajuto

Walking Chocolate, 500 gr


Walking Chocolate, 500 gr

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Product description

A selection of 10 50g Bonajuto Chocolate bars in an exclusive dedicated package.

 Net weight (grams) 500
Ingredients Pack with 10 50g Bonajuto Chocolate bars
Conservation method Store in a cool and dry place
May contain traces of nuts and milk

 The Modica chocolate, of theancient Bonajuto confectionery, is produced in full respect of the Modica tradition with the highest quality standards.

L'Antica Dolceria Bonajuto  for six generations and for more than 150 years it has been producing artisanal and handed down sweets, nougats and chocolate of the Modica and Sicilian tradition, mostly of Arab or Spanish origin.
In 2008 it was included by Eurispes among the 100 Italian excellences.
In the easternmost corner of Sicily, in the splendid and baroque Modica, the ritual of preparing chocolate worked at low temperature with "bitter paste", has been handed down from generation to generation.
It was the Spaniards who brought the "xocolàtl" to Modica, a product that the inhabitants of Mexico obtained from crushed cocoa beans on a stone called "metate", in order to release cocoa butter and obtain a grainy paste.
The Modicans learned this process from the Spaniards, without ever passing over time to the industrial phase.




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