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The wine Spumante Extra Dry Grillo, 75 cl


The wine Spumante Extra Dry Grillo, 75 cl

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serving suggestions

Excellent as an aperitif, with raw fish, cheeses and fresh or slightly seasoned cheese, with first courses of fish and vegetables, with white meats, and seafood fried.food pairings feud orange




The Grillo grapes are harvested towards the end of August, at the time of the maximum expression of the aromatic freshness and night to preserve the fragrant acidity; they are subject then to the next white wine vinification with crushing and soft pressing to extract only the juice, more fragrant and elegant.

By fermentation at a controlled temperature of 18°C one obtains the so-called base wine is kept on its lees until the time of the making of sparkling wine.

Then, after the addition of selected yeasts to the base wine undergoes a natural second fermentation in autoclave at a temperature of 13 - 14°C for 8-10 days. The pressure is reached and the residual sugar desired, cooling quickly to -2/3 degrees to stop the fermentation and to allow the tartaric stabilization.

Leaves then mature the wine made into sparkling wine for about 2/3 months on its lees, and finally filtered and bottled at a low temperature to maintain and preserve to the best of his features.


Colour: light straw yellow with elegant greenish reflections. Bouquet: fresh, intense and persistent, very fruity and fine, expresses aromas of acacia flowers and wisteria, along with the delicate scent of fresh fruit such as apple, pear and peach, in addition to elegant nuance of white flowers (magnolia and lily of the valley). Taste: in the mouth it is dry and fresh, fragrant with strong acidity and minerality. Perlage: persistent, fine and elegant.

ALCOHOL content 12%



  • FEUD ORANGE So 15 - Silver - Berliner Wein Trophy - 2017
  • FEUD ORANGE So - Gold - Sakura Wine Awards - 2018
  • FEUD ORANGE So - Silver - Mundus Vini - 2018
  • FEUD ORANGE So - Gold - Berliner Wein Trophy - 2019
  • FEUD ORANGE So - Bronze - Japan Wine Challenge - 2019

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