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Food in Sicily

Sicilian pesto with toasted almonds 190 grams

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dried tomatoes min. 50%, sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil min. 5%, toasted almonds min. 10%, basil min. 5%, grain cheese min. 5%, sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil min. 5%, garlic, salt, in variable proportion.



The Sicilian pesto Food in Sicily It is ideal for seasoning a plate of pasta with the flavor and scent of Sicily, perhaps adding to the last of chopped walnuts or pine nuts. 

Also excellent for an aperitif or a delicious appetizer combined with cheeses.

Our Sicilian pesto It is already ready for use, just heat it together with the pasta by jumping in a pan over low heat.

The line Food in Sicily "Sicilian specialty" It is made only with top quality ingredients, carefully selected, with cooking processes that enhance and respect the organoleptic characteristics of each ingredient.

Natural and genuine products, without preservatives in additives .. our line Food in Sicily "Sicilian specialty" It's good as homemade!