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Food in Sicily

Sicilian carob seed flour, thickener

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Carob seed flour:


Carob seed flour is a natural compound extracted from the seeds (carat) of the carob (Ceratonia Siliqua), a tree grown mainly in the Mediterranean regions.

Employee as an additive, carob seed flour performs a thickening, emulsifying, stabilizing and geling function.

Carob seed flour is a natural food additive used in ice cream, candies, sugared almonds, baked goods and confectionery products. It can be used both for hot processes and for cold processes.

The dosage, in relation to the type of application, can vary from 0.1 to 5.0 %.


100%carruba seed flour.

Nutritional table


medium per 100g


786 kJ / 195 kcal


0.9 g

of which saturated fatty acids

0.2 g


0 g

of which sugars

0 g


6.2 g


0.02 g


PRODUCT: Locust Bean Gum E410

WEIGHT: 30g and 500 gr

PACKAGING: 100% recyclable





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