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Food in Sicily

Pigna in Artistic ceramic of Caltagirone, green, 11 cm

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There Pine cone made and hand -painted in Artistic ceramics of Caltagirone It has ancient origins.

The fruit of the pine, which has always been and in different civilizations has enclosed in itself symbolic meanings of vital force, immortality, divinity, linked to the tree that generates it, together with those of fertility and regenerating strength for the seeds it contains.
Attached to the symbol of the mountain, home of the gods, we find it, already in remote times, in the Mediterranean area to represent the divinity; And if in the iconographic tradition of the Far East, especially Indian, it stands at the apex of the tree of life, in the Greek one it is at the top of the Tyrso, the stick of Dyoniso, God linked to the mysteries of death and rebirth, of regeneration and the resurrection.

These values ​​left obvious signs in Sicily: the pinemate not only is it often on the pillars of the gates entry, but is used asornament, or, again, like ornamental element of the four edges in the marriage beds in iron nineteenth -century flavor.