Panettone Black Fiasconaro Sublime with Modica chocolate and forest strawberries, 1kg


Panettone Black Fiasconaro Sublime with Modica chocolate and forest strawberries, 1kg

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Homemade baked cake with "Modica chocolate grains" both inside and on the cover with forest strawberry puree and with Modica chocolate cream to be smeared, hand-packed. 

The Belgian iTQi Institute awardsl Panettone Christmas FiasconaroBlack Sublime con the highest of the awards, 3 Stars, and for the second year in a row the excellence of the confectionery of the Sicilian master pastry chef Nicola Fiasconaro with the Panettone Nero Sublime.

The elegant packaging also includes
  • a jar of Modica chocolate cream 180g spreadable
  • a spatula to be able to smear Modica's delicious chocolate cream on the fluffy slices of panettone.
To make this unrepeatable Christmas Panettone Fiasconaro Black Sublime uses the Modica chocolate rowingthat you can spread on the slices of the cake thanks to the spatula inside the package, but also thanks to the natural yeast of the dough, which enhances the fragrance and the use of only natural products of the very first choice, such as honey, milk, cream. 

A slow and gradual rise, which naturally comes to fruition within 36 hours, guarantees quality and fragrance to this baked product, in full compliance with Sicilian confectionery traditions.

The Christmas Panettone Black Fiasconaro Sublime has already conquered the most demanding palates. what are you waiting for to be next?

The rise according to Fiasconaro

Fiasconaro he had as a gift 15 years ago a 65-year-old sourdough by a Pastry chef from Lombardy. 

Every evening at 8 p.m. the ritual of regeneration of the strain in the water is celebrated. A solemn moment!

The rest do the times of leavening, 36 hours, no vacuum technology, 24 hours for natural dehumidification.

An unmistakable sign of recognition of Fiasconaro baked goods sourdough, a very slow fermentation process that lasts a good 36 hours. 

The Sourdough it originates in the "mother", a core of fermented dough to which water and flour are added, progressively. 

It is a process that has always been renewed by maintaining itself with the same pace, and which, in order to occur, requires skill, attention and, above all, the non-use of chemical additives and preservatives, while guaranteeing the product a surprisingly long "life". 

The yeast paste through this absolutely natural process offers qualitative characteristics, in terms of lightness and fragrance, unique and not comparable. 

A modern and ever-expanding company, which soon gained a prominent place in the sector, establishing itself in the domestic and international market.

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