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Antica Dolceria Bonajuto

Modica IGP chocolate at the carob, 100 gr

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Cocoa pasta, sugar, 8% carob, Weight: 100g
The Modica IGP chocolate, Dell'Ancient Dolceria Rizza founded in 1935, it is produced in full compliance with the Modica tradition with the highest quality standards.

A bit of history...
Don Neli, Family Famework Rizza, in 1935, opened a dairy in the heart
of the city of Modica, thus starting the story of his inclusion in the aure of the book of the
Confectionery traditions. Thanks to the peppino son, passionate pioneer of processing
Handmade ice cream and chocolate of Modica, the dairy rizza became "forge"
of taste and place of recall for author deleas. Don Peppino conquered the scope
Remote for undisputed artefice of the variegated sorbetterìa and the legendary
Chocolate Modico. His aromatic "tablets" were to be tasted in pieces or in
Smoking hot chocolates, which, in vaporous circles, spreading that evalle creativity
Handed down from fathers to children and still active after four generations. Like this,
The ancient Dolceria Rizza, drawing on the secrets of the family chocolate tradition,
He has undertaken a fruitful and ingenious innovation, capable of protecting the authenticity of Modica Chocolate and its peculiarities.