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Cantine Avide 1882

Sparkling wine Brut Arrapato IGT, Avide cellar 1882, 75 cl

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"Nutaru" is a Sicilian sparkling wine classic method from hampered grapes, refined on bottled yeasts for at least 24 months. It has a fresh and mineral scent, with notes of citrus fruits, flowers and toast. The sip is soft and pleasantly sapid, from the end effervescence.


Description of the 'Nutaru' Avide

The "Nutaru" is a classic method sparkling wine where the mineral texture, both in the nose and palate, plays an important role. This is a product that drinks with great pleasantness, whose drink is never tiring, but it is always punctually enveloping and engaging. Merit of the Avide cellar, historical reality of the terroir ragus that, in addition to delighting the palate of enthusiasts with excellent white and red wines, it also surprises for the production of bubbles such as the "Nutaru", centered label and without any imperfection.

The classic "Nutaru" method is a sparkling wine that the avid wine cellar realizes from the purity grapes of a large native grape to Sicilian red berry, the hamlet. The screws grow inside vineyards characterized by a frank-sandy subsoil. After the harvest, the acini face a first fermentation in a controlled temperature steel, then refer to the production principles of the classic method, in the bottle, remaining in contact with at least 24 months with its own yeasts. At the end of this period we proceed with the blog operations.

The Bubbly wine "Nutaru" is a classic method that, in the glass, reveals a beautiful straw yellow color, crossed by slight reflections tending to the golden; The plot of the perlage appears to end, with good persistence. The perfumes that develop to the nose tell refreshing notes, where the mineral component plays an important part, embellished with floral touches and sensations that refer to yeast. To tasting it is good body, sliding, with a slender and lively sip characterized by a sapid taste. A good barreled bubble, ideal to taste the drink, both during informal aperitifs and on important occasions.

ColorStraw yellow with golden shades and fine perlage

ScentMineral and fresh, citrus fruits, white flowers and toast

TasteFresh, soft, slender and pleasantly sapid, from very fine effervescence