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Ricciola gravy, 300 gr


Ricciola gravy, 300 gr

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Sugo ready made handicrafted in Marzamemi (SR).

Immediately ready, you will have to heat it and pour it on the paste with recommended addition of crumpted breadcrumb

Ingredients:tomato sauce 44%, Ricciola( Seriola quinque) 35%, olives, pine nuts, sultanine grapes, capers, olive oil, mintridge, carrot, Celery,garlic, black pepper, salt

 Weight netto: 300 g

Conservation: 4 years after the date of production, after opening, store in the refrigerator and consume within 3 days.

 Production establishment: Adelfio Francesco – via marzamemi 7 - 96018 Marzamemi (SR)


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