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Antica Dolceria Bonajuto

Cinnamon bonajuto chocolate, 100 gr

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The chocolate dell'Antica Dolceria Bonajuto, it is produced in full compliance with the Modica tradition with the highest quality standards.

There tablet Chocolate BonajutoCinnamon, along with vanilla, is one of the two tablets in the traditional 100g format. These are the classic tastes, the first two to be historically produced. They are also the two sweetest tablets between the selection available. Red has always been the color of the cinnamon for the cinnamon, and the original packaging design was deliberately maintained.

L'Antica Dolceria Bonajuto For six generations and for more than 150 years he has been handcrafted and traded sweets, towers and chocolate of the Modica and Sicilian tradition, mostly Arab or Spanish origin.
In 2008 it was included by the Eurispes between the 100 Excellence of Italy.
In the eastern corner of Sicily, in the splendid and baroque Modica, the ritual of chocolate preparation worked at low temperature with the "bitter pasta", is handed down from generation to generation.
It was the Spaniards to bring Modica the "Xocolàtl", a product that the inhabitants of Mexico derived from the shredded cocoa seeds on a stone called "metate", so as to raise the cocoa butter and get a grainy pasta.
Modicans applyed this processing from the Spaniards, without ever going over time to the industrial phase.