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Homemade Pasta "Paccheri" drawn to the bronze-durum wheat Russello, 500 g


Homemade Pasta "Paccheri" drawn to the bronze-durum wheat Russello, 500 g

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Find out with the Food and Sicily the true taste of homemade pasta in
monovarietà of ancient grains and sicilian!!

Food and Sicilyoffers the Paccheriproducts with the monovarietà sicilian durum wheat "Russell".

This pasta, by theexceptional featuresand it is especially appreciated in thecuisine,the Macrobiotic diet,is made with ancient grains and sicilian grownwithout the use of chemicals.

Storage and milling are carried out separately for each variety, in this way, the pasta is produced with semolina of a single variety for a time.

The use ofmineral waterfor the mixture to complete the cure of the raw materials.

The production of the craft, with trafile bronzeand drying, static at low temperature, together with the use of raw materials of the highest quality, make this pasta anexcellent Product.

In addition to the organoleptic qualities, taste and aroma, this pasta is
- easy to digest
- can be tolerated very well by people who have intolerance to wheat
- can replace the pasta Kamut


- Drawing bronze

our Paccheriare drawn to the bronze, this peculiarity gives it a rough to the touch and a pale yellow color, the same grain. The typical process of processing, guarantees the porosity, the only that catch Your seasonings.

- Drying process, slow and at low temperatures,

The ancient art of pasta-making requires that the drying takes place slowly and at low temperature to preserve the typical pale yellow colour of the grain. for this for this, our pasta artisan requires requires 24 to 36 hours of drying at a temperature of 36/38 degrees. In this way, you will not compromise beyond that, the color, the scent, the flavor and seal in the cooking of their's a long process but indispendabile to get quality first of all!

- Monovarietà, ancient grain
But is not over..our homemade pasta stands out for the monovarietà of grain used: theRussello.

durum wheat variety Russello is avariety ancient wheat cultivated for a time in the whole of Sicily, now spread to a limited extent in some areas of the island, in particular, in the iblean plateau.

Stands for the height of the ear higher than the other grains, about 180 cm, and a high protein content.

The realization of this artisan pasta is made using only durum wheat of the variety Russello, this gives it anexceptional flavouras well as its distinctive pale yellow color.

You can discover our past cherry tomato, sicilian or white, with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil produced with olives of the iblei mountains !

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