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Homemade dough to the egg "Helixes", 500 gr


Homemade dough to the egg "Helixes", 500 gr

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You discover with Food In Sicily the true taste of the homemade dough in
Sicilian wheats!!

Food In Sicilyhe proposes the Helixes.

This dough to the egg,exceptional characteristics it is realised by cultivated Sicilian wheatswithout the utilisation of chemical products.

The storage and the milling are made separately for the single variedness, in such a way the dough is produced by bran of an alone variedness at a time.
without the utilisation of chemical products.
The use ofmineral waterfor the mixture it completes the care from the raw materials.

The homemade production together with the raw materials utilisation of primissima quality, they make this dough oneProduct of Excellence.

As well as the organoleptic qualities, taste and perfume, this dough is
- easily digestible
- tolerated perfectly by the persons who have intolerance to the wheat

Our dough is born amore per le antiche tradizioni gastronomiche Italians and the profound passion for the alimentary product of high quality coming exclusively from natural processes of transformation, in the full respect of the homemade tradition.

To discover with our tomato wipes ciliegino Sicilian or also in white with an oil thread extravergine Dop Sicily!

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