Panettone Fiasconaro with Apricot and Modica chocolate


Panettone Fiasconaro with Apricot and Modica chocolate

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Food In Sicily Offers you the Traditional artisan panettone made by the renowned Fiasconaro pastry shop, a true Sicilian specialty. 

The panettone artisan Fiasconaro Apricot and Modica Chocolatecarries in the heart drops of Modica chocolate and apricot candied fruit, it is also covered with white icing and chopped hazelnuts!

Ingredients chosen and selected exclusively from the island production such as sugar, vanilla, citrus honey, stimulate the palate with unexpected combinations of flavors and aromas.

A slow and gradual leavening, which naturally reaches completion within 36 hours, guarantees the quality and fragrance of this baked product, in full respect of Sicilian confectionery traditions.

The Panettone Fiasconaro has already conquered the most demanding palates..what are you waiting to be next?

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