Panettone di Bronte with Pistachio cream, 900 gr, Bacchus


Panettone di Bronte with Pistachio cream, 900 gr, Bacchus

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Panettone with Pistachio from Bronte,
 all Sicilian goodness !!

 In thishomemade panettoneyou will find out why thePistachio from Bronteit is so famous in the world!

 The classicChristmas panettoneit is revisited in a Bronte style giving life to ahandmade productwith an unmistakable and inimitable taste!

56 hours of craftsmanship and no addition of preservatives. The award-winning dessert, in the two Christmas and Easter versions, born from a reinterpretation of the traditional panettone, combines preparation and cooking techniques together with the unsurpassed flavor given by the 200 gr of pistachio cream (30%) which forms the filling, from the pistachio chocolate glaze which together with the grain forms its decoration. 900 gr of delight to be kept in a cool and dry place. Once opened it must be consumed within a week.


The cardboard box, with its Christmas designs, let you imagine the goodness that is hidden inside and make itan excellent gift idea and certainly appreciated!

 If you are looking for aArtisan panettoneof unquestionable quality, love thePistachio(is that ofBronteis certainly the best), this year don't settle for any panettone!

BuyaPanettone with Pistachio from Brontewill be a way to celebrate theChristmaswith class and also, why not, to make you a tasty gift!

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