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Pop Art Bonfissuto Panettone Free A Andy Warhol, 1kg

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This signed packageBonfissutocontains a Panettone with an innovative chocolate dough, with orange candied fruit and Chocolate of Modica IGP soaked with Malvasia Sicilian lands IGP

Pop Art Panettone

The first popart panettone inspired by the Extra and Talent of the great American Master Andy Warhol.

At his unmistakable self-portrait Pop and the magnificent flowers created by the artist in 1964 and exhibited for the first time at Leo Castelli Gallery in New York with great success.

Inspired with hibiscus flowers the well-known advertising graph, considered today one of the greatest artists of the last century, transforms the nature in the protagonist for the first time, using an unusual style.

In the flowers of him he combines impressionist and abstract techniques giving life to unpublished images.

Two works combined to enhance the revolutionary thought of him, as unusual the idea of ​​creating gastronomic delicacy in a real work of art appears.

Project carried out with the patronage and authorization of the Mazzoleni Foundation.