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Bonfissuto Panettone Free to Salvador Dalì, 1kg

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THIS PACKAGE THE SIGNED LASTBonfissutoComplimentary to the great painter Salvador Dalì contains a natural leavening panettone with salted caramel drops and granules of motion salt

Panettone dalì

Format: 1 kg

Provenance: Sicily

Ingrediants: Type 0 wheat flour, egg yolk from breeding chickens, granulated sugar, butter, liquid butter, milk Whole powder, fructose, natural mother yeast, salt, vanilla berries aroma of Madagascar, natural flavors.
Salted caramel drops: glucose syrup, whole milk powder, fraic creams d'isigny a.o.p., salted barri d'isigny a.o.p. (3.6%), Salt of Guernade (1.2%), Emulsifier: Colza Lecithin.
External glaze: Caramel milk chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, milk Whole powder, cocoa paste, milk skimmed powder, caramelized sugar (1.5%), lecithin emulsifier (soy), Aroma, spices, natural vanilla extract. Mozia salt granules.
It can contain traces of nuts, soy, milk.

Deadline: 3 months from the production date

Keep in a cold and dry place