Premiati Oleifici Barbera

Extra virgin olive oil Baglio Di Saline D.O.P. Trapanesi Valleys 0.75 L


Extra virgin olive oil Baglio Di Saline D.O.P. Trapanesi Valleys 0.75 L

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The Extra virgin olive oil Barbera Baglio delle Saline DOP trapanesi valleys it has a golden yellow color with green highlights. On the nose it has a herbaceous scent with persistent aromatic notes. To taste is medium fruity with a hint of tomato and green apple. Recommended with fish, fresh cheeses, bruschetta.

"Manfredi Barbera & Sons S.p.A." it is today one of the most advanced oil companies on the international scene, whose excellent products are obtained and bottled according to the highest quality and sanitary standards. Facilities and production are guaranteed by the most important international certification systems: ISO 9001, ISO22005:2007, BRC certified (British Retail Consortium), IFS Certificate (International Food standards).

The historic headquarters is located in Via Emerico Amari in Palermo, to which, in 2003, a modern production plant was added in the sunny and enchanting Custonaci, in the province of Trapani.

The latter has been built and equipped with the most technologically advanced production systems, and is divided into three operating units: the storage area, the experimental mill, the storage facility. The storage warehouse of the finished product is entirely thermoconditioned, houses large silos at the controlled temperature of 18 degrees Celsius where the oil is kept under nitrogen against oxidation, and its storage capacity amounts to about 7,000 tons. Next to the storage area is the packaging room: four fully automated lines, each reserved for the packaging of bottled oil, tin and ceramics.

Even at this stage the use of nitrogen is waved to ensure the product is maintained at the highest level and optimal storage over time. The experimental crusher, the first of its kind in the world, is housed in the second building: a completely revolutionary plant that makes experimentation its strong point.

All the stages of olive preparation - selection, cleaning and crushing - take place in an outdoor area, so as to keep absolutely pristine the inner room where the gramolation takes place, the most delicate phase.
As for the crushing phase, no other company in the world can boast as many as four different olive milling systems: disc crushing, hammers, contrasting stone rollers and pitting. Finally, the third building, where the temperature is automatically adjusted to 18 degrees C for 365 days a year, is intended for the storage of the finished product and packaging.

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