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Oil Extravergine of Organic Olive-LORENZO LINE No. 1 D.O.P. "Valli Trapanesi", 500 ml

€16.90 €19.90

Oil Extravergine of Organic Olive-LORENZO LINE No. 1 D.O.P. "Valli Trapanesi", 500 ml

€16.90 €19.90
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The Extravergo Oil of Organic Olive-LORENZO LINE No. 1 D.O.P. "Valli Trapanesi" is obtained from the monocultivar of "Cerasuola" from organic farming in production territory D.O.P. Valli Trapanesi, one of the most prestigious D.O.P. Sicilians,.

The Line Lorenzo n. 1 offers us an extra-virgin from the intense fruity, with the typical fragrance that reminds us of the fresh fruit and an enjoyable manyside aftertaste. Suitable above all on the legumes of legumes, red meats and all the dishes based on bitter vegetables.

"Manfredi Barbera & Sons S. p.A." is today one of the most evolved oil companies in the international landscape, the excellent products of which are obtained and bottled according to the highest quality standards and food hygiene. Establishments and production are guaranteed by the most important international certification systems : ISO 9001, ISO22005:2007, BRC certified (British Retail Consortium), IFS Certificate (International Food standards).

The historic venue is located in Via Emerico Amari in Palermo, to which, in 2003, a modern production plant was added in the sunny and enchanting Custonaci, in the province of Trapani.

The latter has been made and equipped with the most technologically advanced production systems, and is divided into three operational nuclei : the storage area, the experimental mill, the deposit. The finished product storage warehouse is entirely thermoconditioned, houses large silos at the controlled temperature of 18 °C where the oil is kept under nitrogen against oxidation, and its storage capacity amounts to about 7,000 quintals. Next to the storage area we find the packaging room : four fully automated lines, each reserved for the packaging of bottled oil, cans and ceramics.

At this stage, the use of nitrogen is also shown to be used to ensure a product kept at the highest levels and optimal storage over time. The experimental mill, first in its kind at the world level, is housed in the second building : a completely revolutionary plant that makes experimentation its own point of strength.

All the stages of preparation of the olives-selection, cleaning and crushing-occur in an outdoor area, so as to keep absolutely pristine the interior local where the gramulation takes place, the most delicate phase.
As far as the shredding phase is concerned, no other company in the world can boast four different systems of olive molding : franging to discs, hammers, contrasted stone rollers and denocciolating. Finally, the third building, where the temperature is automatically adjusted to 18 ° C for 365 days a year, is intended for the storage of the finished product and packaging.

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