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Food in Sicily

Sicilian Carrube Pulp Flour, 500 gr, Food in Sicily

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100% toasted carob pulp


Appearance: Brown flour, impalpable.

Taste: Toasted aroma, excellent replacing the Cocoa, does not contain added sugars.


Carrube pulp flour in the 500 gr jar It is a nutritious food, it has a high protein content and even a good one source vitamins (A, D, BL, B2, B3), but also of minerals (football, magnesium, potassium), is also low-fat And sodium.

It also has a good percentage of fiber and pectin, particularly useful in the ruleDigestive and intestinalction.

Use: can be used to replace cocoa to get cakes, donuts, puddings, creams, ice creams.

Its typical flavor similar to that of chocolate combines well with fresh fruit, with honey,Yogurt, milk also in addition to durum wheat flour can be used in the preparation of pasta Fresh, noodles, gnocchi, ravioli, risotto.

100% natural product!