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Terre Nere

Etna Apple Extra Jam with Zagara Honey, 350 g

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Jam made with two varieties of Etna apples: the "Delizia" and "Cola", grown in small apple orchards between 600 and 1400 meters above sea level, where the orchards give way to the steep woods of the volcano.

The apples are harvested in October and stored naturally in rural warehouses until March.

Perfect for breakfast and snack, for filling cakes and tarts.


Etna apples, sugar, lemon juice, orange blossom honey (1.5 percent). Gelling agent: pectin.

Fruit used:
60 g per 100 g.

Total sugars:
54 g per 100 g.

 As born.

Respect for the land

The company personally cares for raw materials from planting to harvesting, preferring small-scale producers to better control all the processes that precede their arrival at the farm.

Sugar, the only natural preservative in our products, is associated with Zafferana Etnea honey, to obtain a refined sweetness in the face of a reduced caloric intake, with the advantage of an extraordinary palatability that only the highest quality honey can guarantee.

In addition, the peels of the finest citrus fruits are candied in orange blossom honey using an exclusive process that makes them soft and crisp and keeps their fragrance and aroma intact.

We follow the rhythm of the seasons

No fruit produced in greenhouses or frozen is used, but only fresh produce is processed, no more than twenty-four hours after harvest. 

Even the lemon juice used comes from fresh lemons, squeezed on the farm only at the time of processing.

Careful selection of producers and their products, varying from season to season according to the goodness of the years and harvests, leads to choosing only the best fruit, honey and spices, which are combined and processed taking care to respect their organoleptic characteristics as much as possible.

A truly artisanal product...

The sorting, preparation and peeling of the fruit are strictly manual processes; this allows the consistency and integrity of the fruit to be preserved and preserved as much as possible, while eliminating every smallest defect and imperfection with the care that only human eyes and hands are capable of.