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Terre Nere

Jam Gelsi Blacks with Orange Blossom Honey, 240gr

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Food in Sicily It offers a delicious jam to prepare your breakfast, made with the blacks Gelsi Sicilians.

The mulberry tree has a sweet and pleasant flavor that is enhanced by the intense and aromatic note and the typical sweetness of orange blossom honey.

This jam accompanies pleasantly butter for making sandwiches or snacks.

Suitable for combinations with soft type of cheese, not overly seasoned, which enhance the flavor, if it is combined with cottage cheese achieves an excellent cream to use in the preparation of various sweets type.

It 'an ideal filling for enhancing the flavor of the pastry as well as being an original seasoning for various meat types.

blacks mulberry, sugar, lemon juice, orange blossom honey (2.5%). Gelling agent: pectin.

Fruit content:
65 g per 100 g.

Total sugar:
54 g per 100 g.

How did ..

Compared with the territory

The company takes personal care raw materials from sowing to harvest, preferring small manufacturers in order to control all the processes that precede the arrival in the company.

At the sugar, only natural preservative of our products, is associated with the honey of Zafferana, in order to obtain a refined sweetness compared to a reduced calorie intake, with the advantage of an extraordinary palatability that only the highest quality of honey can guarantee.

In addition, the peels of citrus fruits are the most valuable in the candied orange blossom honey with a unique process that makes them soft and crunchy and it keeps intact the fragrance and aroma.

We follow the seasons

It is not used or frozen fruit produced in greenhouses, but it is only and exclusively working on fresh product, at the latest within twenty-four hours of collection.

Even the lemon juice used comes from fresh lemons, squeezed in the company only at the time of processing.

Careful selection of the producers and their products, seasonal variable in season according to the goodness of harvests and vintages, leads to only choose the fruit, honey and the best spices, which are combined and trasformaate taking care to match the maximum organoleptic characteristics.

A product truly artisan ...

The sorting, preparation and weeding of the fruit are strictly manual processes; This allows you to preserve and keep intact as much as possible the consistency and integrity of the fruit, while eliminating every little flaw and imperfection with the care of which only the eyes and hands of man they know to be capable.