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Jam of Chips of India with Honey of Orange blossom and Pine-kernels, 240 gr


Jam of Chips of India with Honey of Orange blossom and Pine-kernels, 240 gr

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The whole taste of a fruit symbol of our land (without the trouble of it sows).

On the bread, with sheep's ricotta and a pinch of cinnamon, for a triumph of Sicilian tastes.

The perfect also on the ice cream or in the yoghurt; he gets married in ideal way to the Inhabitant of Piacenza ennese.

figs of Indian one (70 %), sugar, juice of lemon, honey of orange blossom (2,5 %), pine-kernels (1 %). Gelificante: pectin.


As it is born. 


Respect of the territory

The company treats personally of the raw materials with the sowing to the harvesting, prediligendo producers of little dimensions, better to check all the processes that precede the arrival it in company.

With the sugar, only natural preservative of our products, is associated the honey of Zafferana Etnea, to obtain a sweetness refined in connection with a reduced caloric contribution, with the value of an extraordinary palatabilità which only a honey of primissima quality can guarantee.

Besides, the barks of the most esteemed citruses are candied in the orange blossom honey with an exclusive progress that makes them soft and almond brittles and keeps intact the perfume and the aroma it.

We follow rhythm of the seasons

Fruit produced in greenhouse is not used or frozen but the fresh product is worked only and exclusively, at most I enter ventiquattr' hours with the harvesting.

Also the juice of used lemon comes from fresh lemons squeezed in company only to the moment of the working.

An accurate selection of the producers and of their products, variable of season in season on the grounds of the goodness of the years and of the crops, given to choose only the fruit, the honey and the best spices, which are arranged and trasformaate having care of respecting at most the organoleptic characteristics it.

A product really homemade...

The choice, preparation and cleaning of the fruit are processes rigorously manual; this allows to protect and to keep more possible all that unchanged the consistency and the integrity of the fruits, eliminating at the same time each less defect and imperfection with the care to which only the eyes and the hands of the man can be able.


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