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Terre Nere

Bianchi fig jam with Zagara honey and almonds, 240 gr

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Foodnsicily It offers a greedy jam to prepare your breakfast with lots of taste and energy.

This jam is based on White figs, zagara honey and almonds, and it is also ideal for many imaginative preparations in the kitchen.

For example, it is delightful to prepare fragrant tarts, but it finds combinations even with ham or with some cheeses with a strong or even spicy flavor, creating a delicious contrast of different tastes.

Surprising in pairing with a Gorgonzola spicy; Ideal with radicchio and raw ham or on the canapes together with the foie gras.


White figs, sugar, lemon juice, zagara honey (2.5%), almonds (1.5%). Gelling: pectin.

Fruit used:
70 g per 100 g.

Total sugars:
54 g per 100 g.