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Charming, Firriato cellar, sparkling white wine - IGT Sicilian lands

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Seductive and lively on the palate, intense for fruity perfumes, elegant in the soul and with a lively and appetizing balance. Charme Bianco is an appreciable white for sun freshness brought in a dowry by a particular terroir by orographic nature and exposure to the wind. The estate of Borgo Guarini returns to wine the minerality that distinguishes its soil in a blend of native vines, designed to privilege lightness, freshness and drinkability. On the palate it is harmonious and engaging in its agile and lively nature, exhibiting a very satisfying and perfectly soft acid vein in the structure.


Tasting notes

Color: light straw, with thin nuances of green shades;

START: opens with kind notes of field flowers and ginestra and develops almost immediately fresh hints that recall mango, papaya, mature banana and yellow peel melon; After a few moments, the evocations of rosemary and laurel emerge;

Palate: harmonious and composed, shows its agile and lively nature fully exhibiting a very satisfying acid vein, which dialogues perfectly with the soft structure, giving it an enviable drinkability;

Features: wine of the most cheerful and carefree moments, dynamic, with the exuberance and vitality of talented young people, capable of creating unexpected, persuasive, unusual elegance and beauty atmospheres, in the sign of distinction and style, of the Garbo that is proper to him;




It is the origin, the territory in which you grow and compare where you fall and get up to determine your personality, and in the agro of Trapani the exposure to the incessant winds, the clay soil and the orographic variability have forged wines with a dynamic and intense character. The peculiarity of the Guarini estate is not the admirable beauty of the vineyards illuminated by sun and peasant passion, nor the alternation between significant thermal excursions between the day at night but it is the ravenous desire to look at the past and the future with tender emotion, to have fought and won against a hostile and different climate from area to area. And it is here that, in daily challenges, the white charming is found, in which the native vines coexist in a constant vortex of brightness and spirit to give the festive palate an exciting and trust in the future.


Features of the year

Very complex from a climatic point of view, the hot and not very rainy autumn 2014 determined the appearance of a spontaneous grassy cotic considerably reduced and characterized by the presence of micro -termme species (those that adapt and grow at low temperatures). Late are most of the spontaneous and cultivated seed plants. The start of winter was cold, with the strong demolition of the sporty charge due to spring 2014 significantly humid. This lowered the starting microbial charge and a reduced virulent capacity of pathogens in the early stages of their development (month of April). The plants satisfied their needs in cold, this led to a slightly more anticipated sprouting the conditions of vigor were good, with a good vegetation/production ratio with a greater uniformity of the sprouts and bunches. The production remains in line with the previous vintages. Thanks to a rainy winter and the absence of sirocco, the plants did not have suffering in the hottest weeks, as they are preserved by strong humidity. The vegetative delay has favored the quality of the grapes showed a level of flavor and acidity perfectly in line with the characteristics of each type ".


Date of collection: September 10th

Organoleptic characteristics
With a bright yellow color. The perfume recalls the lightly aromatic exotic fruit, expresses complex and elegant notes of rose flowers, honey. Al palate the structure is vigorous, supported by the excellent acid vein, the ending is mineral.

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