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Charming, cellar Firriato, Vino Frizzante Rosè - IGT Terre Siciliane

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Extrovent and brilliant by philosophy and productive thinking, joined to birth with indigenous fruits with red berry which, for a short contact with the skins, takes the delicate color. The rosé charm is the delicate tribute that Borgo Guarini reserves lovers of Sicilian native vines. The different climates of the largest estate of the company Firriato lend themselves to the excellent maturation of the red grapes of Sicily, joining to create this extraordinary blend. The taste is intense, of surprising balance by freshness and weaving that, reveals a hint of mild and subtle tannins. Ideal protagonist of aperitifs, leaves a trace in its eclectic being.


Tasting notes

Color: delicate and fine cerasuolo pink

Smell: a range of fruity, ethereal and elegant sensations of tamarind, red plum, watermelon, pomegranate, strawberry and raspberry, mottled by refined shades of rose, geranium, freesia, violet and cyclamen;

Palate: enveloping, intense, of surprising balance shows its character by opening up with energetic freshness and soft creaminess, recalling and proposing the wide and rich aromatic framework that characterizes it, also revealing a hint of mild and thin tannins of great value;

Features: it is the "wine of the party", generous, crackling, from inexhaustible vitality, caressing, available and open, for the most beautiful occasions, moments of leisure and pleasure;




A word is sometimes just a word, as a wine is sometimes just a wine, but in Charme Rosè it takes a voice an innate secret unveiled only a few. Camus defines ita way of getting a yes in response without formulating any clear demand,Because those who have the privilege of possessing it by grace natia has the power of the conscious persuasion, which captures the attention and pleasure of those who leave the charm and elegance. Charme Rosè, Word and Wine, is the event that seduces, the graceful in movements, the sinuosity of the refined body, the gaze that amazing per depth. It is the intriguing desire to attract and be attracted to everything that is beautiful and overwhelming. A single concept in a wine that is consistent with the name that leads.


Vintage features

Very complex from a climatic point of view, the autumn 2014 warm and not very rainy has determined the appearance of a significantly reduced spontaneous turf characterized by the presence of microtermen species (those that adapt and grow at low temperatures). Most spontaneous and cultivated seed plants are late. The boot of winter was cold, with the strong felling of the full charge due to significantly wet spring 2014. This has lowered the starting microbial charge and a reduced virulent capacity of pathogens in the early stages of their development (month of April). The plants have satisfied their cold needs, this has led to a sprouting a little more anticipated the conditions of vigor have been good, with a good ratio vegetation / production with a greater uniformity of the buds and bunches. Production remains in line with previous vintages. Thanks to a rainy winter and the absence of Scirocco, the plants have not entered suffering in the hottest weeks, as preserved by strong humidity. The vegetative delay has favored the quality of the grapes showed a level of flavor and acidity perfectly in line with the characteristics of each type ».


Date of collection: September

Organoleptic characteristics
From pink color, to the delicate nose hints of Marasca and Ribes meet in mouth with great elegance and balance, light and inviting surf. On the palate it is pleasantly acidulous and soft, it has a fine and very persistent perlage.