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Christmas Strenna "Taormina" with 12 typical Sicilian products


Christmas Strenna "Taormina" with 12 typical Sicilian products

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The Christmas gift box "Taormina" contains 12 tasty typical Sicilian products: 

  1. Panettone artisan Fiasconaro with chocolate chips, hand wrapping 750 gr. Pasticceria Fiasconaro winner of the 3 stars of the Superior Taste Award in Brussels.
  2. Modica Chocolate Bar,  100 gr, ancient Aztec recipe for this typical chocolate, with a grainy appearance because it is processed at low temperatures
  3. Extra Dry Sparkling Wine  "Accussì", 75 cl, Cantina Feudo Arancio, Agrigento
  4. Artisan cream to spread with 65% Sicilian Pistachio, vegan product, only pistachios and sugar, 200 gr
  5. Typical almond biscuits, Sicilian almond paste, 200 gr, individually packed
  6. Crunchy bars of almonds and honey, individually packed, 200 grams
  7. Sicilian homemade jam with Zagara honey  , 240 gr, Terre Nere
  8. Soft Sicilian handmade chocolate nougat  or white, Sicilfrutti, 100 gr
  9. Sicilian artichoke cream  with porcini mushrooms or with pistachios or with tuna, 190 grams
  10. Risotto with porcini mushrooms
  11. Artisanal pasta of ancient Sicilian grains, bronze drawn and slow drying, 500 grams
  12. n. 2 white and chocolate nougats, ancient Trapani nougat factory since 1800

There Christmas gift box  Taormina is made with care, the contents of the gift case are well protected thanks to the use of Cushion Airbag  for the glass vases and the bottle.

Finally, it is packaged with an elegant Christmas ribbon.

All the products in the gift box are of the highest quality and handcrafted in Sicily.

You can insert a greeting card to be sent to the recipient.

Every Christmas gift basket  Food In Sicily is widely customizable (by 30/11) with all of ours typical Sicilian products, you can compose it as you like by choosing among the various products in our catalog and finally inserting the gift basket among those available.

Buy your Christmas gift online, it's quick and easy! It will be delivered to you in a very short time at home or at the address of the person to whom you want to make this welcome gift!

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