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Christmas box "Sicily" with a 15-typical sicilian products


Christmas box "Sicily" with a 15-typical sicilian products

Panettone Fiasconaro Dolce and Gabbana:
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The packaging Christmas gift "Sicily" is full of tasty typical sicilian products:

1. Panettone craft Fiasconaro Dolce and Gabbana the Pistachio from Sicily, covered with white chocolate (with Pistachio cream soft spreadable), or with citrus fruits and saffron to Sicily. With boxes D&G tin is made to draw specifically from the most famous artistic workforce sicilian with vibrant colors that are inspired by the decorative motifs of the cart and to the characters of the Opera dei Pupi, the boxes are transformed into precious objects to collect.
2. The wine Spumante extradry "So" Grillo Sicilia, the Winery Feudo Arancio, 75 cl. Award Gold - Berliner Wein Trophy - 2019

3. artisanal Pasta, ancient grain sicilian drawn to bronze, craftsmanship, and slow-drying, 500 grams
4. Pesto Siciliano190 grams , the Food In Sicily
5.Modica Chocolate Mandarin, 50 grams. Antica Dolceria Bonajuto, by the 1860s, the oldest chocolate factory in Sicily,
6. Peels of orange and chocolate, 120 grams, Sicilfrutti
7. Pistakì, cookies, fine pastry, sicilian almond and pistachio 170 grams, biscuit factory Peluso Editing
8. Pate, Artichokes, porcini mushrooms, 190 grams, the Food in Sicily
9. sicilian orange Marmalade with orange blossom honey, 240 grams, Terre Nere (CT)
10. Box of 6 chocolates Bonajuto 1880, with grains of cocoa beans from the inside by the aromatic taste, and decided kept in an elegant packaging tin.

11. Ball Christmasminiature in the artistic Ceramics of Caltagirone, made and hand painted, 4 cm, with certificate of authenticity
12. no. 2Maris,chocolate, and salt encloses a soft filling of white chocolate with nori seaweed and a pinch of roe. Antica dolceria Bonajuto

13. black Lentils delle colline ennesi, a Slow Food presidium, 250 grams. Agrirape, Leonforte (EN)

14. the Halls of Marino of Sicily Lemon

15. Salami of black swine of Nebrodi

it is also possible to insert a xmas cards.
Ourpacks of ChristmasFood In Sicilyare made with care, using a modular system for safe transport, it is applied in a ribbon christmas.
Bottles and glass jars are packaged with the system cushion airbag, envelopes, inflatable, protective ensure their integrity during transport.


Each basket christmas Food In Sicilyis highly customizable with all of our typical sicilian products, you can be right up your street as You like by choosing among the various products in our catalog, and lastly, inserting the basket of christmasamong all those available.

Buy online yourbasket for christmas, is simple and fast! You will be delivered in a very short time at home or at the address of the person to whom you want to make this welcome gift!

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