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Basket Christmas Bourbon with 10 sicilian typical products, gift ideas Christmas


Basket Christmas Bourbon with 10 sicilian typical products, gift ideas Christmas

Panettone Fiasconaro Dolce and Gabbana:
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The gift Box of Christmas Bourbon wicker is full of 10 tasty pr typical sicilian: 

1. Panettone craft "Fiasconaro Dolce and Gabbana" sicilian citrus and saffron or Pistachio, slow natural leavening. With boxesD&Gtin is made to draw specifically from the most famous artistic workforce sicilian with vibrant colors that are inspired by the decorative motifs of the cart and to the characters of the Opera dei Pupi, the boxes are transformed into precious objects to collect.

2. Grappa Nero d'avola, 50 cl , 40°, F. lli Russo awarded alVinitaly Grappa Tasting Award and Gold Medal – Alambicco d'oro

3. Sicilian Caponata, prepared by hand,280 gr, Food in Sicily

4. Modica Chocolate; pepper white, Antica dolceria Bonajuto, 50 grams

5. Fillets of orange Peel, candied 120 gr, Sicilfrutti

6. artisanal Pasta, ancient grain, sicilian, slow-drying, drawing, bronze, 500 gr

7. tomato Sauce artisanal swordfish or tuna, Adelfio, Marzamemi (Sr)

8. sweet Cream with 65% of Pistachios of Sicily, 190 grams, the Food in Sicily

9. (soft Nougat with almonds of Sicily, white, Torronificio craft Drills since the 1800's, 100 gr

10. Bars crunchy almond and honey, individually wrapped, 200 grams

it is also possible to insert a personalized greeting card.

Our gift box christmasFood In Sicily is made with care, the transport system of modular design, to preserve the integrity of the products, is then applied to the tape for christmas and a star of "Christmas".

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