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Bonfissuto panettone in homage to Salvador Dalì, 1 kg

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Food in Sicily presents this package in signed tinBonfissuto In homage to the great painter Salvador Dalì which contains a natural leavening panettone with drops of salty caramel and granks of Mozia salt Dalì panettone format: 1 kg origin: Sicily Ingredients: type 0 wheat flour, egg yolk from chickens bred on the ground, granulated sugar, butter, liquid butter, milk In whole in powder, fructose, natural mother yeast, salt, aroma of Madagascar vanilla berries, natural flavors.
Drops of salty caramel: glucose syrup, whole milk powder, fraic creams of isigny A.O.P., salted barri d'Isigny A.O.P. (3.6%), Giornade rooms (1.2%), emulsifier: Lecitina di Colza.
External glaze: caramel milk chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, milk whole powder, cocoa paste, milk Skiing powder, caramelized sugar (1.5%), lecithin emulsifier (soy), aroma, spices, natural vanilla extract. Grains of salt of Mozia.
It can contain traces of shell fruit, soy, milk. Deadline: 3 months from the date of production to keep in a cool and dry place



Giulio and Vincenzo Bonfissuto, continue to affirm their talent and their passion for the great Sicilian pastry.

Their path and the development of their gastronomic project has not too "ancient" roots given the young age, but exudes the whole millennial tradition that the art of Sicilian pastry leads to the dowry and which seems to be genetically innate in those who, like i Bonfissuto brothers It makes use of years of experience in the world of catering and catering.

The mix of youth enthusiasm and technical rigor leads to the development of recipes and creations that revisit the heritage of the Sicilian pastry and some of the oven desserts typical of the "Italian" tradition such as the Panettone.


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