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Beer Earth to Five Cereals


Beer Earth to Five Cereals

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Beer Earth to Five Cereals
The characteristic of this beer is the accurate blending of completely different cereals, barley malt, wheat, oats, maize and rice, all products that remember the fruits of the Earth.

TypeBlond Ale, the fruit of the extrusion and the desire to experience new flavors.
ColorOpalescent blonde with shades of bronze ramite.
FlavourOverall, there is a malted aroma characterised by cereals, but well balanced by the bitter component of hops and the bitter orange peel.
TasteGreat body, great balance with a pleasant feeling of sweet, but balanced
citrus component that gives a long and intense taste persistence.
Gastronomic combinationIt combines with the first dishes, white meat and snack cakes.
IBU: 34 - PAYMENT: 14 - VOLUME: 6

The Artistic brewery 24 Baroni is a new and dynamic Sicilian reality in the field of the production of artisanal beers. It originates in a wonderful hilly territory in Nicosia small municipality of Nebrodi.
Following the traditional methods of high fermentation and bottle refining, our beer is produced using malted cereals, premium hops produced partly within our farm and selected yeasts.
Water plays a key role in the production of beer, and fortunately we can boast untreated spring water.
All beers are: not pasteurised, not filtered and reconstituted in a bottle, without preservatives and chemical stabilisers but only natural ingredients
After the first slow-growing fermentation that takes place in steel tins at a controlled temperature, the beer is bottled where the second fermentation takes place for the taking of foam, giving aromas and flavors in continuous evolution, which is why a very small residue of yeast is always visible on the bottom of the bottles.
Our goal has always been to bring to Sicily, where the beer tradition has no deep roots, an excellent artisan Sicilian beer that everyone can taste and appreciate.

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