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Food in Sicily

Biological wine Suber IGT Sicily, cellar Daino 75 cl

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Winner of Slow Wine 2013, 2014 and 2015 prize and nominated as "Best Sustainable Vignaiolo of Italy " by the starred chef Carlo Cracco, Suber red wine has exceptional characteristics that make it unique. 

From the cultivation of three Sicilian native vines - Nero D’Avola, Frappato, Alicante - the Suber, a wine biological Intense red and decisive taste, complex and aromatically rich. 

The three vines combine with each other and contribute to giving body and character to wine biological . 

The Nero d'Avola contributes with an aroma of red fruits, such as blackberries or mulberry; The Frapponed adds a yellow fishing aftertaste; L'Alicante It gives the suber alcoholic force and enriches it with a note of fragrant spices. 

The wine Suber It is combined well with red meats and cheeses; The combination with chocolate is interesting.

How red wine is born

In the heart of the Sicily, between the plain of Gela and the Piana di Catania, stands the city of Caltagirone. 

And it is in these lands that is born, from native vines cultivated according to the disciplinary of organic agriculture, the wine Suber. 

A wine with a strong flavor, with a strong character but, at the same time, elegant.

Its properties are the fruit of the singular union between territory and climatic conditions. 

While the traditional forms of breeding of the screw, combined with high winemaking technology, allow to obtain a wine of natural quality, in total respect for the environment and the work of man. 

All this thanks also to the work of The vigners, personnel specialized in ancient tree viticulture.


The biological wine Suber It is the result of careful research in the wine sector that marries traditional screw breeding methods. 

Planted, as it was once, in sapling and work with ancient tools and cure. 

In the silence of the woods, the rhythm of the works in the vineyard is marked by the scissor during the pruning, by the farmer's hoe and by the shrewd of the sluts of the Gino mule during the plowing. 

In the absolute respect for nature and the surrounding forest, the vines are grown according to the disciplinary of the crop biological And work manually. 

The peculiar pedological composition of the territory - consisting of sandy and Mediterranean soils of intense red color that overlook sandy -area rocks - combined with the ventilated and dry climate, gives grapes of harmonious wealth and taste complexity.

The bunches of a single screw are enclosed inside each individual bottle, while the core breeding, as well as guaranteeing a quality production, promotes a natural harmonization between the vineyard and the surrounding landscape. 

After a natural vinification process, without resorting to any clarification and filtration process, the Suber wine ages for 12 months in 225 and 500 liter barrels and is therefore bottled after about 15 months from the harvest with a bottle aging of At least 6 months.