Le bibite artiginali siciliane, le bevande che stuzzicano il palato con gli aromi del territorio

Sicilian handless drinks, drinks that tease the palate with the aromas of the territory

A journey through Sicilian artisan drinks produced with local ingredients in the sign of tradition with the look attentive to the future.

Sicily is a land of sun that burns scorching and illuminates an always different and beautiful landscape, from the sea to the mountains. It must not be surprised that the artisan drinks, which over time have been created starting from ancient recipes, keep perfumes and flavors of the territory that bring to mind the beauty of our island to each sip.

Just think that for the Sicilians to offer a refreshing drink is an ancient custom, a ritual that has been handed down from generations that accompanies the heat of the summer months and whose refreshment is preserved even during the winter months. 

Over the years, the famous kiosks were born in all Sicilian cities, as decorated as once with citrus fruits and lights that offer the famous drinks respecting the recipes and tastes of the Sicilian tradition and which are the must of every dirty in self -respecting pause.

Today on our blog we are pleased to make you know Polara that from beyond60 years produces drinks, combining tradition and innovation. In the renewed Modican plant, in fact, Polara continues to produce drinks with craft methods but with modern, safe and able equipment to offer higher quality standards to consumers.

Thus, to the already wide production range - for GDO and Horeca - the vintage line was recently added: the drinks of the past, those of the debuts of the 1950s, born from an ancient recipe, kept and handed down from generation to generation. Of Sicily has selected the best of the most characteristic ingredients and fruits (orange, lemon and chinotto, cedar, pomegranate,) to produce chinotto, blonde foam, orange of red orange, cedar, water tonic, pomegranate to finish with the green mandarin and the lemon mandarin directly from the Catania tradition of the kiosks.

More recently to the traditional line, the Polara Bio line, the whole range of conventional tastes produced with the best Sicilian biological fruit!

Soft drinks rich in perfumes of the past, authentic flavors and an elegant vintage label: to make, mixing quality ingredients, typical drinks and able to satisfy consumers of good taste and sensitive to memories.

You can buy Polara drinks comfortably on our shop. At the following link you will find all the Polara lines, from the ancient Sicilian recipe to the organic line to the brand new line of flavored tonic:

Sicilian drinks - Food in Sicily

What are you waiting for to try them? Shipping is free for the months of July and August if you make an order greater than € 69 !!

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