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Black Beer Stout


Black Beer Stout

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Black Beer Stout
Dark beer high fermentation a specific feature of this beer is the use of malts with a high degree of toasting that gives an intense brown color.
Type: stout "strong-tasting beers" born in the XVIII century in Britain characterized by a significant alcohol content.
Colorcolor : very dark, ranging from dark brown to black.
Aroma: intense with predominance of toasted sensations, especially with notes of coffee, licorice and chocolate; the typical aroma of hops is perceived only moderately since it is dominated by the flavor of toasted malt.
Taste: full and firm with a bitter but pleasant impact .
Food pairing: it is accompanied with sweets based on cocoa, dry pastries, blue cheeses and oysters.
Prize: beer of the year 2017-Bear Attraction; Cerevidia 2017-Best Brewery South and Islands
IBU: 22 - PLATO: 16 - Flight: 7,1

Cerevisia Prize 2017-1° classified, geographical area south and Islands

Beer Attraction award 2017 of Rimini-2° classified Category 14

The Craft Brewery 24 Barons it is a new and dynamic Sicilian reality in the production of craft beers. It stands in a wonderful hilly territory in Nicosia small municipality of the Nebrodi.
Following the traditional methods of high fermentation and refermentation in the bottle, our beer is produced using malted cereals, precious hops produced partly within our farm and selected yeasts.
Water plays a fundamental role in the production of beers and fortunately we can boast of untreated spring water.
All beers are : unpasteurised, unfiltered and refermented in bottle, without keep chemical stabilizers but only natural ingredients
After the first fermentation at a slow maturation that takes place in stainless steel vats at a controlled temperature, the beer is bottled, where the second fermentation takes place for the foam, giving aromas and flavors in continuous evolution, which is why on the bottom of the bottles is always visible a tiny residue of yeast.
Our goal has always been to bring to Sicily, where the brewing tradition has no deep roots, a Sicilian craft beer of excellence that everyone can taste and appreciate.

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