Sweet bakery craft, made by Fiasconaro, master bakers in Sicily, with chocolate and PEAR William heart covered with white frosting and crisps, chocolate.

Hand-wrapped, stands out for the high quality of the raw materials used.


"Pappardelle" bronze-drawn pasta of durum wheat Russello, 500 gr


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The production of handmade, dies in < strong >Bronze and static drying at low temperature, together with the use of top quality raw materials, the ancient grain used, the Sicilian < strong >Russello make this pasta a Outstanding product.

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Check out with Food and Sicily the true flavor of the homemade pasta in
ancient grains Sicilian chocolates!!

Food and Sicily propone le Pappardelle produced with single-origin wheat semolina siciliano "Rajkot".

This paste, from exceptional features e particolarmente apprezzata nella kitchen Macrobiotics, is made with ancient grains cultured Sicilian < andm >without the use of chemicals.

Storage and milling is carried out separately for each variety, so that the dough is made with semolina of one variety at a time. < br/>
The use of mineral water per l’impasto completa la cura delle materie prime.

The production of handmade, with t Bronze rafile ed essicazione statica a bassa temperatura, insieme all'utilizzo di materie prime di primissima qualità, fanno di questa pasta un Outstanding product.

In addition to the sensory qualities, flavor and fragrance, this pasta is < br/>-easily digestible
-tolerated very well by the people who have wheat allergy
-can replace Kamut pasta


-Br drawingonzo

Our Pappardelle are drawn to bronze, this peculiarity gives it a rough appearance to the touch and a pale yellow color, the same wheat. This typical working process ensures that unique porosity that captures your toppings.  < br />
-Drying process slow and at low temperatures

The ancient art of making pasta requires drying is done slowly and at a low temperature to preserve the typical pale yellow grain. for this our artisan pasta requires 36 hours requires 24/36/drying at a temperature of 38 degrees. That won't affect the color, fragrance, flavor and cooking properties of their dough. It is a long process but necessary to obtain quality first! < br />
-Single-origin of ancient grains
But there's more ... Our artisan pasta stands for used grain: single-origin < em>Russello.

Durum wheat variety Rajkot is a < em>ancient wheat varieties cultivated at one time throughout Sicily , now spread limited in some areas of the island, particularly in the iblean plateau.

Stands for the elevation of approximately 180 cm superior to other grains, Spike, and a high protein content.

The realization of this paste tortigianale takes place using only durum wheat variety Russello, this gives it a < em>exceptional flavour nonchè il suo distintivo colore giallo pallido.

To explore with our Sicilian cherry tomato sauces or even in black with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil produced from olives of the hyblaean mountains!


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