Sweet bakery craft, made by Fiasconaro, master bakers in Sicily, with chocolate and PEAR William heart covered with white frosting and crisps, chocolate.

Hand-wrapped, stands out for the high quality of the raw materials used.


Data protection with high encryption

The protection of personal information of customers is something that many internet sites often underestimate, but that we at FoodnSicily We value into account.

And that's why as soon as you enter the shopping cart data that transmit will be protected with a 128-bit encryption system and made indecipherable to a malicious third party.

To verify that your information is protected, you can verify that appears in the address bar https://instead of http://.

Before buying check on other websites that also have their care about your Safety!

100% secure payments

If you choose to pay by credit card or Paypal, you will be taken directly to the Paypal page where you can enter your payment information.

No data for payment will then be placed inside foodnsicily.it but only on Paypal, the global leader in online payment security!

With Paypal, your purchases on FoodnSicily are protected and fast!

< span style = "font-size: medium;" >PayPal has long been a world leader in online payments because it puts your safety first. Advanced encrypting systems < strong >PayPal contribute to maintaining high security standards. In addition, a dedicated fraud team monitors the 24 hour 24 transactions. When you pay by PayPal No data of your card will be sent to Food n Sicily.

Once you complete the purchase process on Food n Sicily You can pay with PayPal even without being registered and without having a dedicated account, simply have your credit card handy.

During the purchase process choose as payment "credit card"through PayPal, you will be redirected to a secure SSL page managed by Paypal where you can enter your credit card information safely, because data travels encrypted.

Whatever system you choose, with or without registration, your payments will always be unsure Food n Sicily.

Watch the Video ...Food n Sicily Choose Paypal for your safety!


Secure payment

FoodnSicily uses only secure payments.

The goods can be paid under the following conditions with < strong >credit card, PayPal, bank transfer.

1. Payment by credit card through Paypal (Means comfortable and safe) 

You can pay with your credit card through the secure server operated by Paypal. At checkout you will be connected automatically with an interface and your data will be handled directly by the service, Sortino FoodnSicily Philip will not have access to such data . This is to ensure maximum security and privacy of our customers.

1.1 In caso di annullamento dell'ordine, sia da parte del Cliente che nel caso di mancata accettazione dello stesso da parte di Food and Sicily di Sortino Filippo, verrà richiesto contestualmente da Food and Sicily di Sortino Filippo l'annullamento della transazione e lo svincolo dell'importo impegnato. I tempi di svincolo, per alcune tipologie di carte, dipendono esclusivamente dal sistema bancario e possono arrivare fino alla loro naturale scadenza (24° giorno dalla data di autorizzazione). Una volta effettuato l'annullamento della transazione, in nessun caso Food and Sicily di Sortino Filippo può essere ritenuta responsabile per eventuali danni, diretti o indiretti, provocati da ritardo nel mancato svincolo dell'importo impegnato da parte del sistema bancario.

1.2 Food and Sicily di Sortino Filippo si riserva la facoltà di richiedere al Cliente informazioni integrative (ad es. numero di telefono fisso) o l'invio di copia di documenti comprovanti la titolarità della Carta utilizzata. In mancanza della documentazione richiesta, Vivennu.com si riserva la facoltà di non accettare l'ordine.

1.3 In nessun momento della procedura di acquisto Food and Sicily di Sortino Filippo è in grado di conoscere le informazioni relative alla carta di credito dell'acquirente, trasmesse tramite connessione protetta direttamente al sito dell'istituto bancario che gestisce la transazione. Nessun archivio informatico di Food and Sicily di Sortino Filippo conserverà tali dati. In nessun caso Food and Sicily di Sortino Filippo può quindi essere ritenuta responsabile per eventuale uso fraudolento e indebito di carte di credito da parte di terzi, all'atto del pagamento di prodotti acquisti su Food and Sicily di Sortino Filippo.

1.4 - Scredit card safety:
In order to guarantee maximum safety in payment, online transactions of your purchases on www.foodnsicily.it paid by credit card are made through the Paypal Secure Serveradopting the system of protection SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This system takes care of encrypting the information you type in order to make impossible their interception by external users. The data are directly transmitted to the Bank, offering the utmost guarantee. Unlike in a traditional business card where they pass under the eyes of the owner, waiter, salesman, the online transaction is absolutely safe because no one, not even FoodnSicily, can become aware of the codes of the credit cards used by its customers. The code is only used in the payment transaction if your payment is successful, the confirmation is immediate and FoodnSicily receives from the Bank or PayPal only a confirmation of the transaction. Credit card code no trace remains in any of our stores. < br/>
2-payment by bank transfer
Payment by bank transfer must be made within 4 days from order to Food and Sicily Sortino Philip on the following bank details: Banca Fineco, IBAN: IT31 J030 1503 2000 0000 3485 182 < br />In the reason for payment, the customer must indicate the name of the recipient of the invoice and your order number. Purchased by bank transfer, the order will not be processed until Food and Sicily has received a copy of the bank transfer including CRO number by Fax to the number + 39.09331960548 or you will be credited with the expected Bank). The goods will be ready within 48 hours but it will not be delivered until that time. The customer will receive the bank details to make the transfer with an email containing the summary of your order. Professionals and businesses looking to the invoice, please request it when ordering by communicating the VAT < br/>
3-Payment through Paypal 
PayPal is a secure and simple payment system through the internet. Its operation is similar to a normal bank account. If you don't already have a PayPal account you can create one easily and free by accessing the website www.paypal.it. Through PayPal you can pay by credit card without having a PayPal account

4-cash on delivery

In this case you will pay the goods only upon receipt of same directly to the carrier. Please keep ready the exact amount of the order is payable to the carrier.
This payment method requires an extra cost compared with other payment systems.