Sweet bakery craft, made by Fiasconaro, master bakers in Sicily, with chocolate and PEAR William heart covered with white frosting and crisps, chocolate.

Hand-wrapped, stands out for the high quality of the raw materials used.


Chocolate of Modica 90% Pure, 100 gr


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Food In Sicily proposes Modica chocolate artisans in many varieties!The secret di questo cioccolato unico nel suo genere sta nella cold working failing to melt or blend, sugar, from the Modica chocolate its characteristic "rough" appearance from the gritty, a real typical Sicilian product!

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Chocolate Modica...il chocolate as you've ever tasted!

Food In Sicily proposes the 90% Pure chocolate of Modica in Pack of 100 grams.
The secret of the famous Chocolate of Modica, unique, lies in cold workingcocoa in fact does not go through the phase of conching: the cocoa mass is processed at 40° with addition of granulated sugar; failing to melt or blend, sugar, from al < strong >Chocolate of Modica the characteristic "rough" appearance from grainy texture. These unique characteristics make it a unique typical Sicilian product!
The Tablet of chocolate of Modica It shows a non-uniform Brownthe aroma is that of toasted cacao, with slightly astringent.

It is great as is or dissolved in water as hot drink aromatic
Most eastern corner of Sicily, in the beautiful baroque Modicathe ritual of preparing chocolate worked at low temperature with the "bitter", has been handed down from generation to generation.
It was the Spanish to bring in Modica on "xocolàtl "a product that the inhabitants of Mexico used by crushed cocoa beans out of a stone called"metate"in order to unleash the cocoa butter and dough grainy.
The Modicani learned this technique from the Spaniards, never move in time to the industrial phase.


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