Sweet bakery craft, made by Fiasconaro, master bakers in Sicily, with chocolate and PEAR William heart covered with white frosting and crisps, chocolate.

Hand-wrapped, stands out for the high quality of the raw materials used.


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The farm deer. < br/>Sapling cultivation for a Sicilian wine and organic

About 20 kilometres south of Caltagirone, near the forest of Santo Pietro, extends the farm vineyard < stRong >Fallow deer.

Worked with ancient methods, from the wisest wine tradition, la vigna, immersed in an environment of natural beauty of more than 6,500 acres, produces Suber, a wine flavor and intense.

The wine Suber, named majestic specimen of Quercus Suber present in the Woods, comes from the breeding of varieties such as the Nero d'Avola, Frappato and Alicante. < br/>
The company < strong >Fallow deerThanks to I Vigneriindividuals who specialize in sapling cultivation, care, the screws manually in every phase of production respecting the environment and in harmony with the land. The screws are supported by a brace of chestnut wood and the branches are tied with wires biodegradable and ecologically friendly "liama" (Cortaderia Jubata), grew spontaneously at the edge of the vineyard. < br/>

Querce secolari nel bosco di Santo Pietro, Caltagirone (CT), Sicilia

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With a plant density of 9,000 vines per hectare, at 325 meters high above sea level, the farm vineyard < stRong >Fallow deer grows inside the < strong >Bosco di Santo Pietro at 20 kilometers from the city of Caltagirone, municipality of southeastern Sicily. Since ancient times, this area has been distinguished for its viticulture: farmers devoted themselves especially to growing < stRong >Nero d'Avola and Frappato , vines that have found a land and a favorable climate.

Vigneti Daino, Caltagirone (CT), Sicilia

The territory.
Caltagirone and the Woods
Di Santo Pietro

Walking through the vineyard that gives rise to the wine Suber breathes the atmosphere of the wild Woods of Santo Pietro, the greenest area of the territory calatinus, full of majestic, centuries-old cork oaks (Quercus Suber, which is named our wine). The forest extends with its imposing and luxuriant vegetation all around the propertythe company deer. Its cork oaks, partly intact and partially peeled, along with old oaks and at twisted oak, envelop the landscape in an impressive silence. The fauna in the forest consists of: wild rabbits, hares, foxes, weasels, tortoises and rare wild cat. Also numerous bird species such as the Marsh, the Sardinian Warbler, Jays and woodpeckers that have made this natural reserve their habitat. < br/>

The forest of Santo Pietro between nature, history and art

The area of the forest of Santo Pietro, a decade natural reserve offers visitors a varied landscape: many paths and angles of lush preserve their biodiversity and the former beauty. These over 30,000 hectares of land, once belonged to the immense barony of Fatanismo, or Fetanasim, were ceded to forty thousand Tari, by King Roger at City of Caltagirone, as a reward for their loyalty by subjects in the battle against the Saracens. It was then that the population began to make the most of these lands and to draw from the forest resources for survival. In addition to firewood and the stone used for the construction, the ancient craftsmen calatini used Cork from majestic Oaks to create artifacts. Thus, over the centuries, in the city of CabatuanGroup mature fine crafts crafts. Between qhese, pottery. The current Museum of ceramics and pottery objects bears witness to prehistoric times and the Greek period. But it is especially during the Arab domination that master potters acquired techniques and motifs that, still today, are one of the main references of the ceramics of Caltagirone in Italy.

Querce secolari nel bosco di Santo Pietro, Caltagirone

In the heart of Sicily, between the plain of Gela and Catania plain, lies the city of Caltagirone. And it is on this land that comes from indigenous grapes cultivated according to the specifications of organic farming, wine Suber. A wine with a strong taste, with a strong but elegant at the same time. Its properties are the result of the unique combination of land and climatic conditions. While traditional forms of vine training, combined with high technology of vinification, produce a natural quality wine, in total respect of the environment and work of human hands. All this thanks to the work de < a class = "source "title =" go to site de I Vigneri "href =" http://www.ivigneri.it ">I Vigneri, specialized personnel trained in ancient viticulture.
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    The cultivation of three Sicilian grapes – < strong >Nero d'Avola, Frappato, Alicante – born on < strong >Suber, a organic wine deep red color and flavor and complex aromatically rich. The wine organic Suber goes well with red meats and cheeses; interesting pairing with chocolate. < br/>Winner of 2013, 2014 and 2015 Slow Wine award

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