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Feudo Arancio

White Wine Grillo Sicilia Doc "Tinchitè", Cellar Feudo Orange, 75 cl

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Wine obtained from grapes Cricket Cultivated in our vine-wine companies that are located south east of Sicily, in the province of Ragusa, and west, in the province of Agrigento, where the different environmental conditions allow us to get grapes from the different aromatic style. In fact, if on the one hand the proximity to the sea of ​​the vineyards cultivated at the Ragusa company and the dissolved and warm lands allow you to obtain more fragrant and fragrant wines, on the other, the most clayey and fertile land of the company located near Agrigento They give the most concentration, maturation, wealth and volume grapes. From the union of these two different styles of wine, the richness and fruitfulness of our lightly moved wine is born.
Variety and vinification
The grapes are collected between the middle and the end of August, diraspa-paiates, subjected to soft squeezing and subsequent blank vinification of the musts with alcoholic fermentation conducted by yeasts selected at a temperature of 16-18 ° C for the duration of 7-9 days. The low fermentation temperature preserves this natural liveliness that makes it cheerful and moved on the palate.
Organoleptic characteristics
Color: slight straw yellow with elegant green reflections.
Bouquet: very fruity, with notes of nectarine and fishing and read tropical notes of mango and papaya.
Taste: large and full, with pleasant freshness, mineral sapidity and delicate liveliness.
Excellent as an aperitif, it combines with a crude of fish, fresh or slightly seasoned cheeses, with first courses based on fish and vegetables, with white meats and seconds with fried or baked fish.
Tincite Feudo Orange Tinchité 15 - Gold 2016 Berliner Wein Trophy 2016 Tinchité Feudo Orange Tinchité 15 - Gold 2016 Berliner Wein Trophy Tinchité Feudo Orange Tinchité 18 - Silver 2019 Mundus Wines
Tinchité Feudo Orange Tinchitè 14 - Gold 2015 Berliner Wein Trophy