Antica Dolceria Bonajuto

White quilted Easter Egg, Old Bonajuto Sweet, 250g

€24.90 €29.90

White quilted Easter Egg, Old Bonajuto Sweet, 250g

€24.90 €29.90
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The Easter Egg quilted with white chocolate of the'Old Bonajuto sweetheart, is produced in full compliance with the Modican tradition with the highest quality standards.

TheAncient Bonajuto Sweet for six generations and more than 150 years it has been producing handcrafted and handed down sweets, torons and chocolate of the Modicana and Sicilian tradition, mostly of Arab or Spanish origin.

In 2008 she was included by Eurispes among the 100 excellences of Italy.

In the easternmost corner of Sicily, in the beautiful baroque Modica, the ritual of preparing chocolate worked at low temperature with the "bitter pasta", is handed down from generation to generation.
It was the Spaniards who brought to Modica the "xocolàtl", a product that the inhabitants of Mexico obtained from cocoa seeds shredded on a stone called "metate", so as to release the cocoa butter and obtain a grainy paste.
The Modicans learned this from the Spaniards, never moving over time to the industrial phase.


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