Torrone Siciliano classic Fiasconaro


Torrone Siciliano classic Fiasconaro

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Stecca of Torrone Soft Classical Sicilian from the soft and delicate taste, prepared using only natural and selected ingredients! The Torrone of Fiasconaro is prepared with almonds and pistachios.

Delicious Sicilian specialty !!!

A gulous gift idea!

The Fiasconaro torrons are prepared according to the ancient tradition of the Sicilian bakery. The use of selected ingredients, almonds and pistachios, makes the taste of every torrone unique and unmistakable.

Pack of 150 grams


Almonds of Sicily (Amygdalus communis L.) (43.8%), sugar, honey of Sicily (11.9%), glucose syrup, pistachio (Real Pistacia) (3.8%), albums ofegg, natural aroma of vanilla. Cover of hostia : potato starch, water. It may contain traces of gluten.



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