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Adelfio - Marzamemi

Mediterranean tuna in olive oil, self-slip

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Faithful to our origins, particular care we experience tuna. Only those caught in our Mediterranean lead the name Adelfio.This species of "Mediterranean tuna", commonly known as "Tuna Alletteratus ", It is widespread in the Mediterranean Sea where it is also common in Italian coastal waters, reaches 1 m long and 6/7 kg of weight.

Features: Tuna with an intense and full-bodied taste typical of "red tuna", which we considered superior. Excellent to present as an appetizer or contour, or to add to the well-known spaghetti on the carrier


Name: Euthynnus allitteratus

FAO area: 37.2.2

Ingrediants: Tuna, olive oil, sea salt.

storage: 4 years from the date of production, after opening in the fridge and consume within 3 days.

Manufacturing plant: Adelfio Francesco - Via Marzamemi 7 - 96018 Marzamemi (SR) IT 915 CE