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Food in Sicily

STREENNA GIFT "GOLOSA" with 8 typical Sicilian products

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CHRISTMAS GIFT PACKAGE with 8 tasty Typical Sicilian products high quality


  1. Panettone Sicilrutti covered with pistachio green bronte dop cream, 230 grams with sweet bronte pistachio cream cream D.O.P. , 90 grams. Bronte pistachio is one of the most valuable pistachos that exist on the market. The Panettone Pan di Pistachio of Sicilfrutti offers a greedy and genuine combination of the traditional panettone and the very good sweet cream to the bronte pistachio. Alternatively flask panettone 500 grams To the fresh candied fruits with flavored raisins with Marsala and Zibibbo, wrapped by hand.
  2. Orange peel Candlings with chocolate, artisan product of fine Sicilian pastry, 150 gr
  3. Thin crunchy almonds and honey bars, artisan product, 150 grams
  4. Handmade nougat,with almonds and honey from Sicily, 100 grams
  5. Sicilian almond pastes, soft almond biscuits individually packaged, 200 grams
  6. Modica chocolate tablet, 50 grams, an ancient Aztec recipe for this typical chocolate, from the grainy aspect because it worked at low temperatures
  7. Candy at the Sicilian carob, 70 gr


The greedy gift box is carefully made, the contents of the gift briefcase is well protected thanks to the use of containing boxes for glass jars. It is finally packaged with an elegant Christmas ribbon.

All products of the gift package are of the highest quality and handcrafted in Sicily.

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