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Polara foam, pack of 6 x 27.5 cl

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There Polara foam, Ancient Sicilian recipe: classic, blonde, lively and Sicilian.

The natural rhubarb root extract, elderflower, cloves, caramel and aromas Damage the blonde surf of the ancient Polara recipe an intense and aromatic flavor.

The same that refreshed the summer of our grandparents, who often mixed it to wine. Also excellent on cold dishes and with the Sicilian street food rustic (Arancini and Scacce), at any time of the day it offers thawing sensations and a retro charm.

Perfect for fresh aperitifs and for historical (non-alcoholic and non-) cocktails, this beverage with a vintage taste is to be enjoyed at the bar or at home and at any occasion you want to quench yourself with a drink with a particular taste given by ancient recipes and natural ingredients.

It is a soft drink that cannot be missing, in the typical menus of Italian wine bars and bars.

6 x 27.5 cl pack