Antica Dolceria Bonajuto

Box Chocolates artiginal Bonajuto 1880 6pz


Box Chocolates artiginal Bonajuto 1880 6pz

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The chocolate dell' ancient dolcery Bonajuto of Modica, is produced in the full respect of the Modican tradition with the highest quality standards.
Bonajuto 1880 is a pack in tin from 6 chocolates with cocoa beans from cocoa beans.


TheAncient Dolceria Bonajuto from six generations and from more than 150 years produces
artisanal and sweet trams, torrons and chocolate of the modicy and Sicilian tradition, mostly of Arab or Spanish origin.
In 2008, it was inserted by the Eurispes among the 100 excellences of Italy.
In the most east corner of Sicily, in the splendid and baroque Modica, the rite of preparation of chocolate worked at low temperatures with the "bitter pasta", is passed down from generation to generation.
It was precisely the Spanish who brought to Modica the "xocolàtl", a product that the inhabitants of Mexico derived from the seeds of cocoa crushed on a stone called "metate", so as to purge the cocoa butter and obtain a granulose paste.
The Modicans liked this machining from the Spanish, without ever passing in time to the industrial stage.




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