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Ready organic sauce of cherry tomato with olives and capers, 330 grams

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All the sweetness of the cherry cultivated in the open field, the aroma of basil, the enveloping flavor of oil from Nocellara Messinese and the minerality of the Salt of Trapani: the organic cherry sauce of Salivipine It is a hymn to the traditions of Sicily. Without added sugar or other additives, cherry sauce Salivipine And organic, suitable for gluten intolerants and 100% vegan. Just open a bottle, warm a few minutes, add for those wishing a few drops of raw oil and the dish is ready.

Both the tomato and the sauce condiments are 100% Sicilian, produced by the same company to ensure compliance with the raw material, careful selection and correct use in the supply chain. Salmipine cherry organic sauce: A color brushstroke from Sicily.

As in all sauces, sauces and past Salivipine There are no dyes, oxidents of preservatives, and added sugars because the goodness of our products is all based on the quality and selection of fresh ingredient, for a product that is artisan in intention and taste, as a home preserves.

Seasoning ready for pasta, only to heat, does not need cooking. After opening, store in the fridge and consume within 3/4 days.

Cherry tomato (90% min.) *, Extra virgin olive oil *, capers (1.7%) *, black olives (1.7%) *, onion *, salt, basil (0.3%) *, parsley *, garlic *, lemon peel *, black pepper *, wild fennel seeds *.

Can contain traces of celery and of nuts.

* From organic farming

Without added sugar, without preservatives.

Product suitable for vegetarians and vegans.