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Bronte Pistachios Pesto DOP, 190g


Bronte Pistachios Pesto DOP, 190g

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Dedicated to Sicilian Pistachio lovers!

If you love Pesto, eating well and with taste and you don't want to give up a genuine product crafts, the Pesto with 60% Bronte PISTAchios DOP it's right for you!

This typical Sicilian product, which was born on the slopes of Mount Etna, in Bronte, the international cradle of the best Bronte PISTAchio DOP, is made with selected raw material of the highest quality, to bring on your boards all the flavor of the Sicilian pistachio.

Its flavour is also enhanced by theextra virgin Sicilian olive oil, which makes it ideal on both first courses and fish, but why not, also on bruschetta or as an aperitif!

The Ingredients used to prepare this tasty pesto are: pistachio 60%, extra virgin olive oil 100% Sicilian, salt iodized.

To try together with our artisanal Sicilian wheat paste, in particular it will be perfect with the "Gemelli", perhaps adding to the last of the chopped nuts or pine nuts. 

ours Bronte Pistachios PESTo DOP it is ready to use, just heat it together with the pasta by sautéing it in a low heat.

Recommended pairings:

Aperitif: canapés and croutons

first dish: Sicilian hard wheat paste 

second dish: fillet crust or swordfish

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