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Al Hamen, Passito di Noto, PDO Noto 50 cl


Al Hamen, Passito di Noto, PDO Noto 50 cl

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Al Hamen, Passito di Noto, PDO Noto 50 cl

Color: Moscato passito has a golden yellow color.

Perfume: rich in aromas of candied fruit and honey.

Taste: velvety on the palate, with hints of figs and apricots.

Pairings: Al Hamen knows sublime combinations with ripe cheeses, dry biscuits, almond and pistachio sweets.

Al Hamen, from the Arabic "Marsà Al Hamen", bay of turtle doves. The ancient name of Marzamemi, a picturesque fishing village in the Siracusan area, recalls the furrow dug by the Arab culture of those who founded this village on the far edge of the island, and roots this wine in the history of south-eastern Sicily as the vine where it comes from. 

The Moscato in fact it has been cultivated in the Syracuse area since the III century. B.C. and since then it is appreciated for its extraordinary organoleptic qualities, it retains and tells with colors and flavor all the nuances of this incomparable land.

The wine Al Hamen it is produced from the vine White Muscat, grown in counter-espalier.

There harvest it begins in mid-August and the berries are dried on straw for ten days. After the soft pressing of the grapes, the wine is fermented for three months in steel silos at controlled temperature and then aged in the bottle for two months.

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